Payment Policy


So as to meet the needs of the Users and comply with the rules, Recyclix Sp.z o.o shall create the Account of the User and will maintain it in order to send and receive payments for goods (waste, recycling materials, granules) for their recycling and further sale, send and receive returns, send payments by Recyclix Sp.z o.o, and ensure the receipt of the funds of the User by him/herself.

By complying with this Policy, which constitutes a part of the Terms of Use of, the User empowers and entrusts Recyclix Sp.z o.o. with acting as the agent associated with managing the Accounts and performing certain operations with them according to the stipulations specified herein.

You comply and agree that:

  • Recyclix Sp.z o.o. is not a banking organization or any other financial firm that possesses a banking license and it does not offer banking or any other financial services;
  • Funds on your account are considered as unfunded liabilities;
  • Recyclix Sp.z o.o. is given the right by you to carry out payments using Accounts on the Website associated with the sale and purchase operations as well as money deposits and withdrawals;
  • You will be considered as an unsecured creditor of Recyclix Sp.z o.o.;
  • Recyclix Sp.z o.o. shall not act as the authorized representative or fiduciary as to these funds or payments;
  • The amount of funds on your Account is neither an ensured nor security deposit;
  • The funds may be deposited to your Account solely by the authorized persons such as the official representatives of Recyclix Sp.z o.o and that you must use solely those mechanisms offered by the Website for deposits or withdrawals of funds;
  • Recyclix Sp.z o.o shall store the funds from your Account on its bank account in a financial institution, as well as using any other method in its sole discretion, and that these funds are not stored on an individual account;
  • Recyclix Sp.z o.o may merge these funds with the funds of other Users and its proprietary funds. These merged funds may be used for our mutual corporate aims or other business activities. However, Recyclix Sp.z o.o. shall in any case pay or return you the funds according to this Payment Policy and the Terms of Use.


The User shall fund his account using mechanisms offered by the Website.


The User may send payments to their Account via bank wire transfer, credit cards, and Bitcoin.

The minimum payment amount (the first funding and/or balance replenishment of the Account) is 20 EUR. If you send less than 20 EUR, we will not be able to credit it to your account and the amount will be forfeited in our favor.

The maximum deposit amount via credit cards is 500 EUR. The maximum deposit amount via bank wire transfer or Bitcoin is not limited.

All payments made via credit cards or Bitcoin are reflected on the account balance in real time, while bank wire payments are reflected after receipt and manual verification. The credit card deposit commission is 5%. Recyclix Sp.z o.o. is not responsible for the extra fees charged by the payment systems.

We will apply a service fee for incorrect payments such as: wrong or missing payment memo; wrong amount, account holder does not match with the payer. The minimum fee is €5. The fee will be deducted from the incoming payment.

Spending and placement of funds

When the User makes a decision on purchase or sale of the goods using mechanisms offered by the Website, he or she gives an unconditioned right to Recyclix Sp.z o.o. to use (transfer) the corresponding amount of funds in according with the selected mechanism of the Website by the User, and this amount of funds is written off from the Account of the User upon clicking on the corresponding button. In cases when the Account of the User has a negative balance or when there are not enough funds for performing the corresponding transaction on the Account of the User, the transaction shall not be performed and the User shall receive the corresponding notification.

Recyclix Sp.z o.o reserves the right to take meaningful measures in its sole discretion and according to the law in case if any User performed or allegedly performed or was trying to perform any fraudulent or unlawful activity or infringed the Terms of Use of Recyclix Sp.z o.o, including this Policy.

Placement of the funds to the Account of the User is performed in according to the calculations and deadlines that constituted the conditions of the transaction performed by the User upon writing off of the funds from the Account of the User as specified below. Placement of funds to the Account of the User shall be made due to (a) the sale of the waste, recycling materials, or polymer granules using the mechanisms offered by the Website or (b) attracting new Users to the Website according to the conditions provided in the member’s area of the User.


In order to make payouts of the funds the User shall utilize mechanisms offered by Recyclix Sp.z o.o. on the Website, which are wire transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin, and Visa/Mastercards that are in the EUR currency and are issued to European residents.


The minimum payout amount is 20 EUR.

The maximum payout amount via PayPal is limited to 500 EUR. Wire transfer payouts are limited to 10,000 EUR per withdrawal. Bitcoin payout amounts are limited to 2,500 EUR per withdrawal. Users may request only two withdrawals per week, regardless of the method. Payment systems may impose certain limits that can be discussed only between the User and corresponding payment company. Recyclix Sp.z o.o. is not responsible for any extra service fees imposed by the payment systems. Recyclix can impose added service fees in cases of returned or refused payments due to inaccurate banking details provided by the user or any reason that resulted into a bank reversal.

Additional capabilities

For purposes of increasing the revenue share the User may transfer the funds for participation in maintaining the recycling equipment (actual manufacturing facilities) using mechanisms offered by Recyclix Sp.z o.o. on the Website such as FORKLIFT, SORTING LINE, SHREDDER, WASHING LINE, GRANULATOR.

Purchase of equipment units has an effect on the revenue share in the way as it is shown in the member’s area of the User upon making the corresponding purchase.

Purchase of equipment units may not lead to the actual purchase of equipment or certain rights to any equipment.

Funds that are transferred by the User for purchase of equipment units shall not be returned to the User.


Refunds are subject to the Refund Policy available for review on the Website.

Possible invoices and taxes

Recyclix Sp.z o.o. is not responsible for making aware of or issuing any possible invoices or for specifying, transferring, or charging certain taxes associated with funds of the Users. The User is held completely responsible for being aware whether the law in power demands any possible invoices for receiving funds or sending funds. Also, the User shall be held completely responsible for being aware of: (a) what Party, the User or Recyclix Sp.z o.o., according to the power in law shall send the added value tax, income tax, or any other fees or taxes to the according governmental bodies, if applicable, and (b) whether Recyclix Sp.z o.o. shall withhold a certain amount of money of the User funds according to the law in power and the necessity to notify Recyclix Sp.z o.o. if this is the case upon such condition as well as the fact of the completion of this kind of liability (either Recyclix Sp.z o.o., in its sole discretion, refunds this amount of money from other funds or the User will refund the corresponding amount of money to Recyclix Sp.z o.o.) to redeem any withheld amount of money to the corresponding governmental bodies, including fees and penalties. If necessary in case of any governmental investigation of Recyclix Sp.z o.o., the User shall collaborate with Recyclix Sp.z o.o. in a rapid way by providing all necessary documents requested for purposes of such investigation.

Methods of payment

The User shall provide information about the account of at least one reliable method of payment in order to use certain Services offered on the Website.

By providing the information on the payment method on the Website, the User claims, guarantees, and accepts that: (a) the User will be legally authorized to provide such information to Recyclix Sp.z o.o. or any other payment system, financial organization, bank, and so on selected by Recyclix Sp.z o.o. for purposes of carrying out transactions; (b) the User is legally authorized to make payments using the payment method selected by the User; and (c) these actions shall not infringe the conditions and stipulations subject to utilizing of this method of payment by the User and the law in power. When the User gives his or her consent to making a payment using this or that method of payment using the Website, the User claims, guarantees and accepts that there are enough funds on his or her Account in order to make this payment using the selected method of payment. If there are not enough funds on the payment system account of the User in order to make such payment, the User shall held completely responsible for making a deposit to his or her Account in any other way. Recyclix Sp.z o.o. reserves the right to seek the compensation of the funds from the User and the User shall refund the applicable amount to Recyclix Sp.z o.o. in case if Recyclix Sp.z o.o. detects erroneous or repeated transactions or due to this or that reason receives a request for refund of funds from the payment system selected by the User. The User agrees that Recyclix Sp.z o.o. reserves the right for receipt of such refund via writing off the corresponding amount of funds from the future deposits, or by extracting the funds from the account of the User in the payment system selected by the User, or seeking the refunds from the User in any other lawful ways. Not limiting any other rights or legal remedies of Recyclix Sp.z o.o., Recyclix Sp.z o.o. may terminate the Account of the User upon receipt of refusal by the User to refund the payment funds or any other funds that are payable to Recyclix Sp.z o.o. in accordance with this Policy or the Terms of Use of


Price of the waste, recycling materials, granules, equipment units, and other financial elements are indicated in EURO.

Payment guarantee

Recyclix Sp.z o.o. pays special attention to the security of funds of the Users which were entrusted to Recyclix Sp.z o.o. and that is why certain security measures that comply with all modern technology are undertaken in association with this.

The payment guarantee does not apply in respect to: (a) the Users who infringed this Agreement, (b) the Users who do not correspond to the exact stipulations of the Terms of Use and its integral parts and annexe, (c) the Users who are somehow associated with infringement, alleged or not, or act together with other User or Users and infringed the Terms of Use and any of its integral parts or annexe, or (d) persons who carry out any fraudulent activity, allegedly or not, or misemploy this guarantee.

Other conditions

This Policy, the Terms of Use, registration of any Accounts, or usage of any functionality of the Website shall not be considered as creation of agent, franchise, and/or partner relationships or joint venture between the User and/or the Users and Recyclix Sp.z o.o.