User agreement (terms of use of website)

These Terms of Use are a public offer. In order to use the Services provided by the Website, you must accept to conform to the conditions stipulated in this document. Your use of website implies that you accept these conditions and will comply with them. If you don’t agree with these conditions, you shall not use the Website or use the Services in any possible way. You agree that Recyclix Sp.z o.o. considers your use of the website as your full agreement with the conditions stipulated herein at this moment.

Upon opening an account with website the User assumes the liability and responsibility to comply with all conditions stipulated in this User Agreement, thereafter also the Terms of Use. All new features and tools that may be added to the Services shall comply with these Terms of Use. You can get familiar with the latest version of the Terms of Use any moment on this page. We reserve the right to make amendments in and change conditions of the Services by updating these Terms of Use. We recommend you to check these Terms of Use from time to time in order to get familiar with new possible conditions that may or may not affect you. These conditions are of importance since they are legally mutually binding.

Our services are managed by a User-Friendly Platform, which give the user a full control over his account, which include funding, buying, recycling and selling the final product, After the initial registration, the user uses his account under his own responsibility and Under no circumstances the company has any liability to any person or entity for any loss or damage cause by operations on the platform, In no circumstance the orders can be canceled or deleted or refunded once confirmed by the user. Each user should read carefully the Recyclix refund policy, tutorials and FAQ pages, before starting recycling. The Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Payment Policy, and Shipment Policy constitutes part of this User Agreement and Terms of Use. If you have any questions or doubts, the user should get in touch via our support mails for more information.

Recyclix Sp.z o.o., who acts as the payer of tax on income without special preferences in accordance with the Tax Code of the Republic of Poland (REGON 360290387, NIP 5272725464, KRS 0000533282, Województwo MAZOWIECKIE, Powiat m. st. Warszawa, Gmina Wola, miejscowość WARSZAWA, ulica ALEJA \"SOLIDARNOŚCI\", nr domu 115, nr lokalu 2, kod pocztowy 00-140, poczta WARSZAWA, kraj POLSKA), thereafter the Contractor, acting pursuant to the basis of the charter of the Company, as the party of the first part, and the User, thereafter the Customer, acting pursuant to the civil and tax legislation of their country as well as to international regulatory documents, as the other party, have signed this Service Agreement, thereafter the Agreement or the Contract, using the means of electronic digital communication on the following basis:

Individual Account Conditions:

You must be at age of majority in the country you live in in order to use the Services provided by website

In order to comply with international AML/CFT standards Recyclix has toverify your identity, this includes to ask for sufficient identificationdata to verify the identity of the customer, his address/location, andalso his recent photograph. For customers that are legal persons orentities, Recyclix will (i) verify the legal status of the legalperson/entity through proper and relevant documents; (ii) verify that any person purporting to act on behalf of the legal person/entity is soauthorised and identify and verify the identity of that person; (iii)understand the ownership and control structure of the customer anddetermine who are the natural persons who ultimately control the legalperson. Recyclix may also carry out a verification of the ownership of credit cards if these are used to fund a Recyclix account. This verification may be requested also from users that have been verified in the past.

You must be a human. Accounts registered by "bots" or other automated methods are not permitted. You are not allowed to create multiple accounts!

Inactive accounts are accounts without external payment within 60 days of registration. Inactive accounts or accounts that have empty or incomplete personal profile will automatically be deleted.

You must provide your working email address as well as any other necessary information in order to complete the registration process;

You and only you are responsible for keeping your password safe. Recyclix Sp.z o.o. disclaims all responsibility for any kind of material losses or damage caused by you not being able to keep your account and password safe;

If you found out about an illegal or unauthorized use of your password or account, you accept that you will inform Recyclix Sp.z o.o. about it using email without delay; therefore, you accept your responsibility and liability for all actions taken using your account;

You agree that you shall not use the Services provided by Recyclix Sp.z o.o. for any kind of unauthorized or unlawful activity or objective as well as for anything that goes against your country’s legislation;

You and only you are responsible for any kind of content uploaded by you to the Website, including but not limited to images, data, graphics, and links, and guarantee that you hold the rights for the applicable use of the content you upload to the Website;

You shall not upload or use any kind of malware, viruses, or destructive code to the Website;

You are not allowed to pay or offer to pay any bonus, refunds or reward to your affiliates. Any promotion or involvement in this activity will lead to the permanent ban of your account.

Breach to comply with these conditions, the fact of which will be considered to the discretion of Recyclix Sp.z o.o., will lead to the termination of use of the Website by you.

Funds from blocked accounts may not be refunded if terms of service have been violated. We reserve the right to use them for charity or other green projects according to management decision.

Corporate Account Conditions:

It is not possible to convert individual accounts into company accounts, if you are interested in opening a corporate account, you will have to apply for a new account.

In order to request a corporate account you will have to register this account through the link

The minimum initial funding for corporate accounts is 20.000 Euro. Upon registration of the corporate account, you will be asked to provide us with the following documents: proof of legal registration of your company, ID of the director, VAT number and banking data of your company's bank account.

We will ask you to transfer 100 EUR in order to check your documents. If your account will be approved, this amount will be credited to your new account. If the request will be rejected (for example for false information, bank accounts that have already been used to fund another account, etc.) this amount will be considered as a service fee.

Corporate accounts do not participate in any affiliate levels.

Each company is allowed to open one corporate account only.

It will not be possible to convert a corporate account into an individual account at any time.


1.1. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Contractor shall provide the Customer with the Services of using the software product located on website, thereafter the Website, which includes: creating of the member’s area and placing of orders for purchasing of goods on the website with their further purchase from third parties and sale to third parties, thereafter the Services, for their recycling and further sale as well as payment services using electronic payment systems that include peering systems.

1.2. Payments for the goods purchased from third parties using the Website are performed solely between the Contractor and the third parties. In cases when Recyclix Sp.z o.o. acts as the agent, supplier, buyer, or supplier and/or buyer’s agent of the Contractor, these relationships shall be governed by the separate agreement.

1.3. Recyclix Sp.z o.o provides the customer with its logistics to recycle the waste packages purchased by the customer or for recycling. Alternatively Recyclix Sp.z o.o. may outsource the recycling process to its contract partners.

1.4. Profits offered are based on a calculation that takes into account the purchase price of ground material and the achieved sales price of the final product. The offered profit is advertised at the website

1.5. Fluctuations in the purchase price of the ground material or/and the final product as well as shipping costs can be passed on to the customers.

1.6. Recyclix Sp.z o.o. is entitled to charge the customer for the use of its logistics and/or production facilities a reasonable fee

1.7 In the event that the price for granules is falling under a certain level or if the material that we have been sold turns out to be of such a poor quality that Recyclix sp. z o.o. is unable to use it to produce high quality granules from it, the offered profit can be lowered to a minimum percentage of 0.5% for the respective lot and the selling option can be deactivated for the duration of the respective cycle.

1.8 Recyclix sp. z o.o. has the right to deactivate the buying option for new waste packages, if the waste processing capacities are reached, no suitable waste is available or for other operational reasons.

1.9. Risk sharing

1.9.1 Recyclix Sp z o o bears the right of suspending the recycling process for waste packages already purchased in case the recycling process cannot be carried out due to unforeseen interruptions of the production that limits the recycling capacity of Recyclix SP z o o.;

1.9.2. Waste packages, that have been suspended due to technical interruptions of the recycling process will be reactivated as soon as the recycling capacity is fully restored;

1.9.3. In case the interruption is caused by the Force Majeur Recyclix SP. z o.o. bears the right to void waste packages and share the risk with its partners/users;


2.1. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Contractor shall:

2.1.1 Register the data of the Customer on website and provide the Customer with recommendations on using the member’s area and placing orders;

2.1.2 Provide the Customer with constant consulting services on using the software product.

2.2. The Contractor has the right to:

2.2.1. Refuse to provide the Customer with the Services stipulated in Section 1.1 of this Agreement in case if the Customer fails to fulfill or fulfills the terms of the Agreement improperly;

2.2.2. Make amendments in these Terms of Use in its sole discretion and provide the Customer with a possibility to review these amendments on the Website;

2.2.3. Control the fulfillment of the responsibilities of the Customer which are contained herein.


3.1. The Customer shall:

3.1.1. Update the goods catalog on a constant basis for the purpose of comparing their price;

3.1.2. Comply with the Terms of Use of the Website;

3.1.3. Make payments for the Services provided by the Contractor in due time according to the conditions and the amount stipulated in Section 4 of this Agreement;

3.2. The Customer has the right to:

3.2.1. Control the fulfillment of the responsibilities of the Contractor contained herein;

3.2.2. Receive consultative support from the Contractor on requests sent to the email of the Contractor.


4.1. Fee of the Services that the Contractor provides to the Customer is defined in accordance with the analytical data located on the website percentagewise to the amount of all goods sold by the Customer and amounts to 25-50%.

4.2. Payment for the services subject to this Agreement is made together with the payment for the amount of goods sold by the Customer in non-cash form via deducting it from the amount of payment due to be paid to the Customer. If such deduction cannot be made, then the payment for the services shall be made within five business days after the Customer received the payment request from the Contractor.

4.3. Subsequent to the results of the provided Services, a delivery acceptance certificate may be made, thereafter the Certificate. In case of non-signing of the Certificate by the Customer within 3 business days of the date of its receipt and non-receipt of the reasonable refusal of the Customer within this term, the Certificate will be considered signed and the Services will be considered provided in its entirety by the Contractor subject to the terms of this Agreement.

4.4. In case of provision of extra services by the Contractor, the final calculations are made by the Customer subject to the additional agreement.

4.5. The Contractor reserves the right to make amendments in the pricing policy via publishing the updated pricing information to the Website and/or informing the Customer about it using email.

4.6. Every Party bears responsibility for complying with the requirements of the Anti Money Laundering laws. Upon Contractor's request, the customer bears full responsibility for providing any additional information or documentation required before, during or after any financial transaction.

4.7. Subject to this Agreement the Contractor shall not be held responsible for cooperation of the Customer with suppliers and purchasers using the Website, does not control fulfillment of any kind of deals and agreements, intended use of the funds, or settle any kind of disputes or inconsistencies. The Contractor uses the services of third parties such as banks, electronic payment systems, and financial institutions and so on, for purposes of collecting the funds and therefore shall not be held responsible for provision of these services by third parties, but still shall do everything in their power so that the Customer receives these services. The Contractor cannot influence the pricing policy of payment systems and thus the Customer shall independently choose to use the services of one of the available payment systems and receive necessary data from the information sources of the corresponding payment systems and banks on his or her own.


5.1. The Parties bear responsibility in cases and subject to the legislation in effect of the Republic of Poland.

5.2. The Parties bear responsibility subject to the legislation in effect of the Republic of Poland for non-fulfillment or inadequate fulfillment of the stipulations of this Agreement. Breach of obligation is its non-fulfillment or inadequate fulfillment, which is fulfillment with a breach of the conditions stipulated herein.

5.3. The Party shall be considered guiltless if he or she can prove that all necessary means for compliance with the obligations have been undertaken.

5.4. Payment of the fee or commission subject to this Agreement of the legislation of the Republic of Poland does not release the Parties from the responsibility of fulfillment of obligation incumbent on them subject to this Agreement.

5.5. In case of a delayed payment by the Customer subject to this Agreement, the Customer shall pay daily default interest of 0,1% from the amount of the total delayed liability.

5.6. Neither of the Parties shall be held responsible for non-fulfillment of the liabilities subject to this Agreement if the non-fulfillment fact is due to force-majeure circumstances like the state of emergency, act of God as well as other circumstances beyond one`s reasonable control. These circumstances shall be confirmed by the competent government body.

5.7. In case of inability to provide the Services ordered by the Customer due to the long-time technical failure, the Contractor reserves the right to terminate the Agreement without delay damages.


6.1. Disputes that may appear in the process of execution of this Agreement shall be settled through negotiations between the Parties.

6.2. All possible complaints associated with this Agreement shall be considered by the Parties in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Poland.

6.3. Disputes that were not settled by the Parties shall be settled through judicial procedures in accordance with the court jurisdiction in accordance with the current material and procedural law of the Republic of Poland.

6.4. The Contractor is neither a court nor board of arbitration and does not participate in settlement of any kind of disputes between the Customers, reserving the right to collect necessary information about the appeared disputes.

6.5. Both parties bear responsibility of non-disclosing any information or allegations regarding any past or ongoing disputes.


7.1. This Agreement takes effect upon registration of the Customer on the Website, which is joining this public Agreement in the form of a written electronic document and remains effective during the use of the Service by the Customer. Upon completion of the registration process, the Customer shall become one of the Parties of this Agreement and hold liability to comply with the requirements stipulated herein. If the Customer registers on the Website on behalf of any other private or legal person, the Customer shall claim and guarantee that he or she has full powers and rights to accept the liability stipulated herein on behalf of these third parties.

7.2. The Customer does not have the right to delegate his or her rights or liabilities that are subject to this Agreement to any third party without receiving prior written consent from the Contractor.

7.3. For purposes of the execution of this Agreement, the Parties shall exchange information associated with the mutual interests as well as provide consulting services to each other if necessary.

7.4. The Customer or the Contractor has the right to terminate this Agreement any moment due to any reason by informing the other Party about this. The Contractor has the right to terminate the provision of the Services to the Customer any moment with or without indicating the causes of the termination. If the Customer does not use his or her account during 12 months, his or her account will become inactive and may be deleted beyond retrieve together with all data associated with the account, if activities carried out by the Client using Recyclix Account can harm Recyclix business reputation, if due to further provision of services justified interests of third parties can be harmed fundamentally. Should users request account termination, the Refund Policy will apply.

7.5. If the customer decides to terminate / close the account, the existing active waste packages have to reach the end of the recycling cycle; the granules that will be produced from the waste packages will be sold and the selling profit share will be made available to the customer for withdrawal. The account is finally closed when the payout has been processed.


8.1. The Parties agree that they understand the meaning and wording of this Agreement and sign it voluntarily and on the grounds of mutual understanding.

8.2. The Customer gives his or her consent for processing of his or her personal information in accordance with the requirement of the legislation of the Republic of Poland upon signing this Agreement.

8.3. Disputes that may or may not appear during the execution of this Agreement and that are not governed by this Agreement shall be settled subject to the current legislation of the Republic of Poland.

8.4. The Customer shall respect the rights of the Contractor for the Website and the software program used for provision of the Services to the Customer (patents, trademarks and service marks, graphics, and copyright rights). The Customer shall receive consent of the Contractor and coordinate all conditions with the Contractor if he or she wants to use the rights of the Contractor by contacting the Contractor using the information located on the contact page of the Website. The Contractor provides the Customer with personal, global, royalty-free, non-assignable, and non-exclusive license for using the content provided to the Customer by the Contractor as part of the Services. This one-purpose license gives the Customer a possibility to use the Services as it is accepted by the Contractor in accordance with this Agreement. Usage, reproduction, alteration, dissemination, or storing of any part of the Services, including any kind of content, for any other purposes than personal or non-commercial use, is prohibited if the prior written consent of the Contractor was not given to the Customer. The Customer does not have the right, and does not have the right to allow it to any third party, to copy, alter, create derivative works, decode the technology, decompile, or receive the original code of any part of the Service in any possible way without the prior written consent of the Contractor. If the Contractor did not give this kind of prior written consent, it shall mean that the Customer cannot transfer the rights for the usage of the Services to himself or herself, neither to sublicense it, provide rights for the usage of the Services, or any other way transfer any kind of rights for usage of the Services or the liabilities associated with the Services.

8.5. If the Customer becomes aware of a possible breach to comply with this Agreement by anyone, the Customer may or may not inform the Contractor about this fact depending on his or her interest in the collaboration.

8.6. The Customer may link to any page of the Website granted that it will be lawful and will not harm the reputation of the Contractor. For any kind of usage of the materials of the Website, please get in touch with Recyclix Sp.z o.o. using the contact information located on the contact page on the Website.

8.7. Every stipulation in this Agreement is effective and in case of any disputes about any of the stipulations of this Agreement, all other stipulations will remain to be effective.

8.8. No part of the website and/⁠or social media publications that have been published by Recyclix sp. z o.o. may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of Recyclix sp. z o.o., this includes the use of the term "Recyclix" in any domain name or application for mobile devices.

8.9. The publication and/⁠or dissemination of any false imputation concerning Recyclix sp. z o.o., or a member of the staff of Recyclix sp. z o.o., by which (a) the reputation of the company or the person mentioned is likely to be injured or (b) is likely to be injured in his profession or trade will lead to appropriate legal action against the originator/⁠disseminator of the defamation. This includes explicitly the immediate and definitive termination of the originator's account if the originator is having an account registered with Recyclix sp. z o.o.

8.10. Publication of defamatory matter can be by (a) spoken words or audible sound or (b) words intended to be read by sight or touch or (c) signs, signals, gestures or visible representations.