Use reusable straws at every event

All climatic factors mark the agenda of international organizations on how to care for the environment, which is why we must all become aware

Using reusable straws helps care for the planet

The use of reusable straws in your company, in addition to giving it an aesthetic touch, has the highest value: taking care of the ecosystem.

Nowadays there are many companies or restaurants themselves that choose to incorporate this type of straws. The decision to use biodegradable straws plays a very important role in terms of environmental health.

Biodegradation is the process in which each of the chemical elements that make it up are decomposed. A biodegradable product becomes such due to biological agents and certain environmental conditions that require it.
The appropriate use of ecological straws for your company is a clear sign of showing commitment to environmental impact. So it becomes a small contribution to caring for the environment.

Personalized reusable straws with logo for your company

When you choose reusable straws with a logo, your company takes on a greater role. The brand that has its own name speaks of sustainability and that is an added value for those who choose it. The process of transforming your company begins by becoming aware of the implications of taking care of the air we breathe.

Always think about potential clients. Thinking about them, showing that climate change is a big concern makes your brand trustworthy.

Your logo can be incorporated into any of the models you choose. The color you prefer is prepared with inks for food consumption. This is a very significant detail.

Biodegradable reusable   straws for business or event use

Whenever you have to present a business event and every time you have to serve appetizers, think about Eco revolution.Biodegradable reusable straws are the most environmentally friendly alternative. Once they reach their useful life, within many years they will decompose on their own and will not harm the planet. It is estimated that the decomposition process will take place within about 500 years after just a few minutes of use. It is a strange number, and almost unbelievable, but it is part of a real period.

Features sustainable drinking straws

As we have been telling you, sustainability is fundamental for our company. This is the message we want to convey in each of our products.

Sustainable drinking straws are versatile and adaptable because you can choose the color that best represents you. Additionally, another option is to put your brand’s logo, as we have already mentioned. Making this decision is being part of what the world asks for: taking care of the ecology and the ecosystem. Drinking and completing an event with the role of natural preservation is a guarantee of prestige.

Therefore, and as a conclusion, we invite you to join this kind of battle in favor of the environment. We can take care of it. You making products that speak for themselves present in your company.

Make sure your event or company doesn’t miss a biodegradable straw at the dinner party. We suggest the same with a reusable straw in a drink. And that reusable straw personalized with your brand logo will be a driver of awareness.If they ask you what a compostable straw is or are compostable straws better?, tell them that Eco revolution has the answer.

biodegradable straw
Biodegradable Straw