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About Us

Learn about our story and mission to make a difference.

Our Journey Begins

Celebrating four decades of existence, Eco Revolution has been a consistent presence since the 1980s. Over these years, we’ve witnessed history unfolding.

Our longevity and experience define us.

As a family-owned company, we hold to timeless values of tradition, hard work, and dedication. But we’re also on a constant quest for innovation, always searching for products that not only benefit our clients but also contribute positively to our planet. Our commitment to sustainability and the world we live in drives everything we do.


Mr. Recasens, our founder, pioneered the production and commercialization of flexible straws.

drinks with eco revolution straws
drinks with eco revolution straws


Mr. Recasens, our founder, pioneered the production and commercialization of flexible straws.

mason jar with straw by eco revolution


Straws eventually evolved into drink accessories, that made us develop machinery for personalized straws.


We embarked on a journey to make a positive impact. By crafting compostable straws, we aimed to combat pollution.

eco revolution straws


With fresh energy and a global outlook, we expanded our presence, offering our straws to clients worldwide.

Caring for the planet as a source of wealth

Contacting us is taking the first step towards awareness that taking care of the planet depends on everyone.

Since the 80s we have been working constantly on the production of ecological products. Along thetime we were taking the word innovation as an element to transform the business to which we are dedicated.

Part of the path has always been marked by benefiting our clients, those of you who trust and choose us. Furthermore, we were and continue to maintain the same commitment that drove us in our origins.

We believe that sustainability is a key and fundamental factor when we think about and shape the products we offer.

The environment and your brand together with us we manage to be the best team.